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JT's Custom Shop Racing Team

JT's Custom Shop is proud to support many racers from the area. There is an old saying that sums up our philosophy – "necessity is the mother of all inventions." We started out as racers and that demanded our machines to be faster and safer than the rest. Our specialty is making your motocross engine reliable and FAST. To do this, we hand port cylinder heads and match them with the perfect carb and exhaust combinations to bring out the winner in your engine.


Drag Racing is our passion and so is custom wiring. Let us professionally install your water pumps, fans, fuel pumps, line locks, trans brakes, gauges, push button ignition switches, instrument panels, battery relocation, kill switches, roll cage lighting, and much, much more.


We also specialize in customizing your trailer to accommodate all of your racing needs. From electrical work to custom fabricating, let us design your trailer to make your day at the races more organized and convenient.


We salute all of our local racers whether it be Go-carting, ATVs, Motocross, or Drag Racing. Your passion is also ours. We know the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication it takes week after week just to compete, yet alone win. We would be honored to have your team join ours and "get after it" every weekend together.


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